45 year Old Oak Floors "Before"
45 Year Old Floors like "New" after Sand & Finish 
Brazilian Cherry "Unfinished" hardwood "Before" sanding
Brazilian Cherry "After" Sand & Finishing

Hardwood Floor Refinish

hardwood floors San Jose CA


We will take your old hardwood floors in San Jose CA and make them look like "New" again.  What can you expect after the work is done?  Floors that are flat, color that is even and a sheen of your choice.  Quality work.     


Hardwood floor Istallation

Hardwood floor refinishing San Jose CA


Hardwood floors basically come in two choices: Prefinished and unfinished.  Prefinished hardwood floors are installed and ready to walk on.  Unfinished hardwood has to be sanded on site, but the results are amazing to say the least.    


Hardwood Floor Repair

stained damaged hardwood floors


If you have hardwood floors in San Jose CA that are stained, damaged, buckled or cupped, don't worry about it.  Give us a call and we'll take care of the rest.  There hasn't been been a floor that we couldn't fix.  All work guarranteed.    


The (CLSB) Contractors State License board requires a C-15 license by law to work on your hardwood floors in San Jose CA.   This is an expert grade certification and our Contractors license is #903508

"No Deposit Policy" on all hardwood floor service.  

What does that mean for you, the consumer?  Simple, unlike most Hardwood floor companies, we do not require a deposit for our hardwood floor services.  National Floors is so confident that your floors will turn out beautifully, we can affortd to operate this way.  This gives you the comfort and confidence in knowing that you have not taken a chance by handing a stranger your money.  We have a wonderful way of pleasing our customers.  Hardwood floors in San Jose are beautiful.  National Floors guarantees all of its hardwood floor work.  The level of craftsmanship is so high that we don't need a deposit.  Amazing!